commsHERO is a community for marketing professionals at all levels to learn, share best practice, inspire, connect, and collaborate with each other. For over 10 years we’ve been producing content and running events that have created a vibrant and ever-growing community.

We’ve covered topics ranging from diversity and measuring internal comms to sustainability and lessons in leadership. Best of all, everything is created and run by our members. We’re one big happy, productive comms family.

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Just some of what we’ve achieved together so far:

  • 15,000 commsHERO members and counting
  • Held 15 successful virtual and in-person conferences.
  • Hosted events to 2300+ members
  • Reached over 20,000 professionals globally.
  • 13,700+ followers on twitter
  • 280 commsHERO members as guest speakers
  • Created 100+ podcast episodes, with over 12,800 downloads.
  • Shared 3000+ commsHERO selfies!

Our Journey

It’s our

commsHERO turns 10 this year!