You're My CommsHero Podcast

“You’re my CommsHero” is a Podcast for CommsHero types, where we speak to people we’re inspired by and discuss the comms work they do. You can listen to all the past episodes (all the way back to the very first episode!) using the player below.

We are proud to showcase season 6 of the “You’re my CommsHero” podcast, this series we will see the most diverse range of speakers and topics we have ever covered in a podcast season. We will be speaking to comms professionals from all round the globe to discuss challenging subjects from diversity and inclusivity, mental health, and also covering the right way to produce crisis comms covering the invasion of Ukraine.

Exclusive for season 6, we are introducing blog posts for each episodes, written by CommsHero Teela Clayton. New episodes will be released every 2 weeks, with some bonus episodes along the way! Keep up to date with all things #Comms and #PR with the #CommsHero podcast.

Listen to more podcast episodes below